Our Mission and More About Us

We can still remember what grandma’s root cellar looked like at the end of an abundant growing season. It was so satisfying to see the walls lined with colorful jars of pickled and canned produce. At that time, growing your own food and preserving it wasn’t trendy, it was just what you had to do. Though, no one did it quite like Aunt Pearl and Uncle Johnny. They took it to the next level, and turned everything into a party! Their farm house was the gathering place where we have so many memories with family and friends with good wholesome food at the center of it all.  

Pearl and Johnny is a small family-owned company tucked away in the Missouri Ozarks. Our mission is to share our family’s time-honored traditions in a way that fits in with today’s busy lifestyle. Out of this 10-Minute Pickle Kits and our Organic dip & Spread Mixes were born!  We love using these products to showcase the natural flavor of fresh produce. They turn homemade veggies into colorful jars of pickles that are pretty enough to give away as gifts, and they turn a gathering of friends and some fresh veggies into a party full of memories. Pearl and Johnny helps keep the memory of a slower time alive, without actually having to slow down at all.

What makes our mixes different?

Most people’s reaction to pickling is that it looks way too hard, too time consuming, too confusing, and requires a bunch of equipment. Plus it seems like all of the recipes and products out there make huge batches! For us, the most shocking discovery we made in our journey to finding the perfect pickle was that none of the “dill” pickles at the store actually had dill in their ingredients. 

We were determined to figure out how we could make pickles in minutes, just a jar or two at a time, with real honest ingredients. Organic, non-GMO ingredients only. If the label says dill, the pickle mix has actual dill in it.  If the label says jalapeno, you better believe there’s going to be a kick from some real jalapeno. And no sneaking in things you wouldn’t want or expect in your pickles either.  Yellow #5 or polysorbate 80 anyone? No thank you! We realized we had to make pickle kits, because we can’t go back. Seriously. Tried it. Can’t do it.

Our Organic Dip Mixes were inspired by the fact that real food is beautiful. We wanted each dip to be surprisingly different in color to showcase Mother Nature’s amazing pallet. These fun hues are completely natural, coming from things like organic beets and organic spinach. Plant based foods in their most whole state are not only gorgeous and good for you, they also taste best. Our dip mixes make a super easy appetizer that is not only a crowd-pleaser, but a conversation starter.

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How to Select the Best Produce

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Easy Guide to Clean Eating

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