Organic, Homemade Relish Recipe

Relish fans, rejoice. Your Pearl and Johnny pickles can be used to make tasty, organic relish to top all of your favorite meals. We suggest using our Dill-icious flavor, but you can also use Sweet Dreams for sweet relish. Fans of spicy relish can try our Fire and Spice or Jalapeno Horseradish pickles for an extra kick.

What You'll need

1 jar of Pearl and Johnny Dill-icious pickles, prepared
A food processor

Note: this recipe will produce around ½ jar of relish. If you would like a full jar of relish, you may need 2 jars of pickles.


  1. Prepare a jar of Dill-icious pickles.  It’s best if they are left overnight or longer before being made into relish – this allows time for the pickles to soften and  soak in the flavor. 
  2. Put the jar of pickles in your food processor (do not include the brine).  
  3. Pulse your food processor a couple of times until the relish is your desired consistency. 
  4. If you would prefer a juicier relish, add a few tablespoons of the brine back to the relish once it is prepared. 
  5. For those craving a little extra flavor, get some of the good onion, garlic and red pepper bits from the bottom of the pickle jar. Avoid peppercorns – biting into one could hurt your teeth! 
  6. Return the relish to the jar and serve! We suggest use your relish to top hot dogs, burgers, or sandwiches. 

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