How to make the Perfect Crudités

It is no secret that we like our dishes a little on the dramatic side here at Pearl and Johnny. Why have a run of the mill vegetable tray when you can have an avant-garde crudités? Why confine yourself to the width of a serving platter, when you could make a work of art right on the counter or table? Wow your family and guests with a meal starter that is also a conversation starter. Follow along as we show you how easy it is to make the perfect crudités.

Fill a small bowl with dip.

Spinach and leek dip in wooden bowl.

Our organic dips were created to showcase the beautiful color palate of Mother Nature. Each mix has a unique color made from only real ingredients like organic spinach or organic beets. In this arrangement we chose the verdant green of our Spinach and Leek dip. Our Beetroot and Garlic dip is a soft magenta color that would also look beautiful here. Chili Lime is a muted orange and, like the cream color of Maple and Onion, would give this crudités a more neutral center. Remember this is art, not a science, so choose whichever color and flavor speaks to you! Or make all four and have a whole buffet of crudités.


Start with a base of greens. 

leafy greens and spinach and leek crudites

Symmetry is what gives our crudites artistry. Start by laying down greens like kale and Swiss chard evenly around your bowl. Fill in with smaller greens and start creating some textural interest with green vegetables that aren’t leafy like asparagus or broccoli. This will give you a base to work from as we move into using some more vibrant vegetables in our next step.

Add some color to the mix.

beautiful fresh vegetable crudites

Now is the time to add in some leaves with a little more color. Radicchio tucks into the base of green leaves perfectly. Get creative; check out the produce at your local market and see what looks fresh and beautiful. Purple broccoli, multicolored carrots, or yellow wax beans would all look beautiful in a display like this.

Now for the Finishing touches.

the perfect vegetable crutites

At this point it is fun to really get creative, adding texture and interest. Here we left our small bell peppers whole and cut our red cabbage cabbage along the equator to create these patterned “steaks.” This is also a great time to add a garnish to your dip. Here we saved a few of the pieces of chili from the mix before we stirred in the sour cream. You could also chop up your own pepper, herbs, or other garnish to give a nice finishing touch.

Snap a picture before the party starts, because this beautiful work of art will be in the stomach of all your happy guests in minutes. Everyone will enjoy trying each veggie and dip to see which combination is their favorite. When you are making appetizers, it is important that they are not only delicious, but that they help break the ice. This spread will do just that.

We love seeing your creations. Tag us in your crudités photo on Instagram and Facebook @PearlandJohnny for a chance to be featured on our page.